Ronald Reagan

ReaganThe president showed his thanks and respect for the British government when he hosted Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain just before Christmas 1984 at Camp David.  It was a warm, friendly meeting, which staff members said was very relaxed and the president enjoyed offering a tour of Camp David to the prime minister, pointing out places of interest, such as where President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill had met in the Holly Lodge during the war.  As Mrs. Thatcher prepared to return to Great Britain, it was apparent that she enjoyed her visit.  The Reagans and the prime minister took time to reflect and talk of their respect for one another. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain became the only head of state to visit Camp David twice during the Reagan tenure in the White House.

When they left the camp, Ron and Nancy Reagan had spent 571 days at Camp David…more than any other president and First Lady, at that time.

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