George H. W. Bush


The Bush family added Wallyball as the 1980s began. The family was led by George HW, a veteran player who was followed by his son, George W. George Senior was considered one of the outstanding Wallyball players in the country. The game was imported to Camp David for military personnel and a good number participated.

Wallyball began in California and moved east quickly because of its popularity. It was started to help racquetball court owners get the use of their investment. Here’s what a Wallyball player said about the matches and the competitors at Camp David on the eve of the 2000 presidential election: “Whenever Bush played, he only wanted to play with family or crew. I was taught to play by two Bush team members. Neither one is here now. Tournaments were routinely held to see who had the skill. Both George Sr. and George W. had the physical size to make the saves and spikes that the game demanded. With secrecy shrouding the base, unlike other installations, not many got to see some of the contests. George W and George H usually played together. If not they hand-picked their teams. As the president was quite good he wanted to play with competitive players. Oddly, they always picked four top players to play against. The goal of every Camp David player, I can tell you, was to spike on the President of the United States it happened but not often.”

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