Bill Clinton


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat came together at the mountaintop in July, 2000. Once again, a decision couldn’t be reached nor did the intensive talks put an end to a decade of conflict. President Clinton spent more than seven years, made 200 some telephone calls and six visits to the Middle East prior to the Camp David summit to bring peace to the troubled region, but the protagonists walked away unable to find a solution. “I’ve been studying,” Clinton smiled in an interview with Time Magazine, “give me a test on some piece of land anywhere in Jerusalem or throughout Israel-I know the answer.” Both sides agreed, however, that the U.S. was a vital partner in the quest for peace. Camp David, meanwhile, was not a priority for Mr. Clinton during his first term in the White House. During his first year, he visited the retreat only three times in ten months.

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