Camp David Presidents, Their Families and the World

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WHO runs the base? 

WHAT presidents wanted to close it down? 

WHY does it still exist?


President Franklin D. Roosevelt created a mysterious place called Shangri-La when World War II began and he could no longer cruise on the Hudson because of the threat of German U-boats.  That was 73 years ago. Thirteen presidential families have stayed at Camp David since the retreat was founded in upstate Maryland and first called Shangri-La by FDR.

Read Jack Behrens painstaking 36 years of research of public pronouncements and records regarding a Seabee base called CAMP DAVID.   

Author/Journalist/ Professor Emeritus of Journalism at Utica College Jack Behrens tells the fascinating story of secrecy, political turmoil and outlandish costs in a place the government still considers under a cloak of secrecy.